How to Make 1 million gold an hour in Diablo 3 (cont.)

Step 5 - Cash

Making cash playing video games has long been something whispered in the shadows of the web, but finally, Diablo 3 is allowing you, the player, to make cash while having fun, 100% Legally.

It stands to reason that a large bunch of the player base is unable to use the real money auction house (rmah) due to age, an unwillingngness to spend real money on items, or even no access to a cell phone - That leads us to believe that gold will be a valued commodity, as the majority of items can, and will, still be sold for gold.

This makes gold the thing to sell on the rmah. On this day (11/06/2012) Gold farmers are currently selling 1 Million Diablo 3 gold for $9.99. Now, you have to factor in a few things before you consider making real money playing this game.

1) The things I will tell you are legal, and do not violate the EULA (end user licence agreement), therefore, people will be more willing to spend money.

2) This is convenient. They are already on the AH and they want to buy a legendary for 20 million gold, they only have 10 million, but they really want that legendary. So they hop over to the rmah and the same item is $250 USD (this is the max price something can be on the rmah), but 10 million gold is only $99 (this is just speculation of course), so they buy the gold, then buy the item. And they didn't even have to log out.

3) The gold farmers will continue to sell lower and lower, but I, and many others, are quite certain that a million gold will run at at least $9.99 on the AH for a while to come, because it's easier, and safer, and within the EULA.
You may be thinking "Yeah, but the farmers will just put their gold on the rmah!", and that is a possibility, however, it's a good chance that they aren't willing share a cut with Blizzard. Which brings us to #4.

4) Blizzard isn't stupid, they take a cut. This cut is 15% for commodities, so out of your $9.99 you will be left with $8.49, if you choose to transfer it into your "Blizzard Balance" they take no additional cut, but you can't move the money out later. It can only be used for Blizzard merchandise (games, subscriptions, etc) or to buy things on the RMAH. However, if you choose to have it deposited directly into your paypal account they take another 15%.

5) Items may also sell. They will need to be spectacular in order to go for too much money, but a decent weapon, or piece of equipment, might fetch anywhere from $10-100 (at least as of the launch of the rmah).
Blizzard charges a flat fee for equipment of $1.00, and take a 15% cut if you're transferring it to your paypal account.

It all seems good, but it's not guaranteed. You can't quit your job and play Diablo 3 for money, and be 100% certain that you'll never have to work again. But it sure might be nice to make some extra cash here and there.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my class builds.
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